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Lean Startup Resources and Examples

Lean Startup examples:

Over 50 examples of Lean Startups/Minimum Viable Products. We believe this link provides the most comprehensive list of examples of Lean Startups and Minimum Viable Products anywhere.

Lean Startup resources:

Lean Startup Method/Minimum Viable Product Summary: This write-up summarizes what a Lean Startup is, and more importantly, emphasizes the mindset an entrepreneur should have to successfully employ the Lean Startup method.

Lean Startup Assumptions to Market Test: Ask Three Questions: Entrepreneurs make dozens if not hundreds of assumptions, many of which they need to market test. This short piece explains what you need to ask to determine what to test first.

The Decision to Pivot a Lean Startup: A fundamental premise of the Lean Startup is that you may need to pivot direction. Yet entrepreneurs often have great confidence in their ideas, and are often reluctant to change them. The attached document outlines some valuable techniques entrepreneurs can use to help them decide when to pivot their Lean Startup.

Other Lean Startup Websites for Resources

The Lean Startup: Main website for the Lean Startup Book.

Startup Lessons Learned: The initial blog by Eric Ries which started the Lean Startup movement.

Ash Maurya, Practice Trumps Theory: A very informative blog by a practitioner of the Lean Startup method.

Lean Startup Machine: Another quality blog devoted to Lean Startups.

Lean Startup Description by Wikipedia A nice introduction to Lean Startups.

Lean Startup Circle: A great site for reading Lean Startup blogs, finding Lean Startup meetings, discussing Lean Startup ideas and locating Lean Startup resources and examples.

The Balanced Entrepreneur

Rod-Schrader-QuoteThe Lean Startup method can help make sure your startup generates the balanced lifestyle you desire. Check out The Balanced Entrepreneur by Dr. Mark Simon to uncover many other secrets to help decrease a startup’s risk, minimize your investment, and increase your free time and enjoyment.

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